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Corporate Retirement Plans

Our focus has been and remains the small business qualified plan market. Small businesses require different services than the larger corporate market, due to typically not having a team of advisors on staff, responsible for managing the company retirement plan. Our primary responsibility is working for the business owner, helping provide the services for the plan they do not have the time to do themselves. Without a qualified plan advisor,often the business owner is not aware of many of their required duties in managing the plan, or aware of applicable rules and regulations that have changed.

Mission Statement: 

To help small business owners design and monitor a retirement plan meeting their specific objectives today and continually provide improvements as their objectives, plan demographics and the qualified plan market change.

Retirement Plan Philosophy:

FOR PLAN SPONSORS: We believe a corporate retirement plan must first meet the specific objectives of the employer. Once a plan is established we will keep the employer apprised of changes in plan design, legislation and product expenses which may benefit the plan.

FOR PLAN PARTICIPANTS:We provide educational tools and support based on our belief that participants need guidance in how to plan for retirement, not just in understanding the investments in their plan.

Our Initial Process:

  1. Analyze employer census and determine employer objectives
  2. Determine plan design best meeting owners objectives.
  3. Determine product/investment vehicle most competitive in both pricing and services
  4. Assist in finding third party administrator / record keeper. 
  5. Assist in establishing the plan investment policy statement and choosing investments
  6. Assist in installing plan, conducting enrollment meetings and educating employees.

Our Ongoing Process:

  1. Review overall plan performance and effectiveness for previous year.
  2. Review fund performance based on criteria established in the investment policy statement
  3. Benchmark plan performance and fees 
  4. Coordinate and conduct employee educational meetings
  5. Review changes in company demographics, plan objectives and applicable legislation
  6. Review advisor, third party administrator and record keeper performance and fees
  7. Provide ongoing documentation of steps taken in managing the plan each year