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Insurance Services Offered

Insurance Services

We have no primary carrier relationships. Our efforts are to find the most competitive carrier and products for our clients for each of their specific needs. Our insurance services are broken down into several different areas. These areas are often done concurrently to produce the optimal results

  • Determination of Need – Assist client / clients advisors in determining the appropriate amount of insurance for a given need the client may have.
  • Identification of product – Once the need is established, we discuss the pros and cons of the different product types available to arrive at which type is most suitable for the specific client.
  • Review and comparison of existing product(s) – If the client already has as insurance portfolio, we review the performance of the existing products and compare with what is currently available. This will determine if the existing product should be retained and incorporated into the plan.
  • Placement and servicing of new product – Once type and amount are determined, we will assist the client in finding the most competitive carrier for their specific needs.

Product types represented (Group and Individual)

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Disability Insurance
  3. Long Term Care Insurance
  4. Annuities